Where to buy picture frames

Where to buy picture frames

Now that you have your new wall art you will need some picture frames to display them in. Not sure where to buy picture frames from? Here are some places I always recommend to my customers.

My recommendations for affordable picture frames are:

  • Kmart
  • Big W
  • Target
  • Spotlight
  • Officeworks
  • Discount shops
  • Temple and Webster

 My recommendations for higher end picture frames are:

  • Freedom
  • Country Road
  • Myre
  • David Jones



    Kmart has a range of picture frames called Anko that fit A4, A3 and A2 prints.

    The Anko picture frames are available in 3 colours -white, black, and a natural wood look.

    I have used a lot of Kmart picture frames in the past and I think they look good and are great value for money.

    Two things to note about the Kmart picture frames; they come with an acrylic sheet instead of glass and they don’t have a dedicated A4 frame. If you want a picture frame for an A4 print you will need to buy the A3 frame and keep the A4 insert inside the frame.


    Big W

    The A4, A3 and A2 Picture frames available from Big W come in 3 colours, white, black and a natural wood colour.

    I have bought a few picture frames from Big W and I have liked them. I find that they are similar in quality and style to the Kmart picture frames. One thing I like about the Big W range is that unlike Kmart, Big W have a dedicated A4 picture frame.



    Target currently has a range of picture frames called Elena, the range includes frames in A4, A3 and A2.

    They are available in 3 colours, white, black and a natural wood.

    I have bought some myself and I noticed that the frames are made from wood which makes them a little heavier and a little more expensive than the Kmart and Big W picture frames.

    Also the A4 picture frames have glass and the A2 picture frame have acrylic.

    I was happy with the quality of the frames



    Spotlight have a good range of affordable picture frames in a variety of styles. A good thing about Spotlight is that they regularly have sales on their picture frames.


    Discount shops

    Quite often cheap shops like The Reject Shop and Dollars and Cents have picture frames in A4, A3 and A2, so if you are on the lookout for picture frames, I definitely recommend having a look.

    For the price I have been happy with the frames I have bought from discount shops.


    You might be wondering why I haven’t recommended Ikea to buy frames, this is because Ikea don’t sell picture frames in the ‘A’ size ratio, so none of their picture frames will fit my prints.


    All the stores I have recommended have a large range of picture frames in other frame sizes as well. In this blog I just focused on the ‘A’ size frames as that is the size of the prints I sell.

    My prints are available in

    A4 – 21 x 29.7cms

    A3 – 29.7 x 42cms

    A2 - 42 x 59.4cms


    If you have any questions about finding picture frames for your prints feel free to comment on this blog or send me an email at info@seaella.com.au  



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